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With over 30 novels written before Hannah Swensen swarmed the New york Times Best-Seller List, expect many other titles to be re-edited and re-issued. Among the prime suspects are: COLD JUDGEMENT, THE STEP CHILD, FINAL APPEAL, DEADLY MEMORIES, FATAL IDENTITY, and VENGEANCE IS MINE.


Prescription DEATH. Eight attractive talented people, each tottering on the razor’s edge of sanity. Now their psychiatrist, Dr Elias, is dying from a ravaging cancer, and he has made his cold final judgment. Those he can’t cure, he must kill.


She was their little girl- their very own. But who would protect her? What could save her from… The Stepchild? A novel of hurtling terror.

Final Appeal (1989)

Michael Hart had been convicted for killing his wife and had spent 10 years in prison. But now, he has escaped, and his lawyer is tracking down new evidence that might clear him. But then the sleepwalking begins . . . and one by one, the members of the jury that convicted him are being murdered.

Deadly Memories (1995)

What Maura can’t remember could kill her. Surviving a terrible car accident but losing her memory entirely, Maura Thomas attempts to reconstruct her life with the people who claim to be her family, until a memory resurgence makes her realize that her accident was planned.

Fatal Identity (1993)

When stunning movie star Mercedes Calder drowns in her pool, her identical twin sister Marcie poses as Mercedes, discovers the starlet’s shocking secrets, and must outwit a crazed killer.

Vengeance is Mine (1986)

He knows you have sinned. He is waiting in the night. You will feel his wrath—before you die… Vengeance is Mine!