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“With painstaking care, the Video Killer “casts” his victims and leaves behind gruesome footage of his handiwork—a calculating madman searching for his next leading lady. LIGHTS… CAMERA… KILL!”

This novel is the first re-issue of Joanne Fluke’s older work and it’s easy to realize why. Originally published in 1989, this classic has been updated by Joanne for maximum enjoyment.

Plot Summary: It’s the best script Erik Neilsen and Tony Rocca ever wrote. They call it VIDEO KILL, a shocker about a psycho who videotapes beautiful actresses as he murders them. Alan Goldberg, acting head of Cinescope studios, wants it. But only his tightwad uncle can make the deal — and he’s just not interested.

Then a young starlet is stabbed to death in her shower, Hitchcock-style. The only thing the killer leaves behind is a gruesome video of the murder. Suddenly, the horror movie becomes real life…again and again, in a dark and twisted nightmare no one, not even the police, can stop…


Sample Chapter