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Joanne Fluke Thrillers

Not quite as “cozy” as her more recent work, Joanne wrote many edgier books before Hannah Swensen debuted as the world’s leading baker/sleuth. She’s delighted that Kensington Publishing has chosen to re-issue many of these great titles. Sorry, no recipes, but these suspense novels will still leave you hungry for more!

Kensington’s republication plans for Joanne Fluke’s backlist titles will not only appeal to her Hannah Swensen fans, but also fans of mainstream suspense thrillers by authors such as Lisa Jackson, Allison Brennan, and Lisa Gardner.
A few titles are out now with many future titles published every August, May, and November.

A note from Jo: I’m really happy that Kensington has chosen to reprint my thriller-mysteries. They’re exciting. they’re suspenseful, and they’re fun reads. I’ve taken a different path with my writing since writing these titles, but I truly enjoyed re-reading my earlier work. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it too.


“With painstaking care, the Video Killer “casts” his victims and leaves behind gruesome footage of his handiwork—a calculating madman searching for his next leading lady. LIGHTS… CAMERA… KILL!”This novel is the first re-issue of Joanne Fluke’s older work and it’s easy to realize why. Originally published in 1989, this classic has been updated by Joanne for maximum enjoyment.


“The fear will take your breath away…”Like the Hannah Swensen series, this novel takes place in small-town Minnesota but that’s where the similarities end. This dark novel is not for the feint of heart and was extremely well-received when it was released in 1984.


“In the desolate reaches of Nevada, one man guards a brutal secret…and he’ll kill for it.”Originally published in 1990, the story features another small-town Minnesota woman who makes the mistake of leaving home and finds herself surrounded by a series of grisly murders!


“A small boy huddled in the dark. His mother had promised she would never leave him… not in this awful house… not in this terrible town. But she was dead. Gone. And he was alone. Trapped. With no one to answer his desperate call or hear his final agonized cry… and now…”

Originally released in 1983, this novel is widely considered one of Joanne’s pre-Hannah Swensen best. Read this re-edited version and decide for yourself!


“Prescription DEATH. Eight attractive talented people, each tottering on the razor’s edge of sanity. Now their psychiatrist, Dr Elias, is dying from a ravaging cancer, and he has made his cold final judgment. Those he can’t cure, he must kill.”

Originally published in 1985.

More Titles from Joanne Fluke

With over 30 novels written before Hannah Swensen swarmed the New york Times Best-Seller List, expect many other titles to be re-edited and re-issued. Among the prime suspects are: THE STEP CHILD, FINAL APPEAL, DEADLY MEMORIES, FATAL IDENTITY, and VENGEANCE IS MINE.