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“Two heart-stopping novels of romantic obsession—where the love never dies. It kills…”

This novel features both THE CRUSH and THE CRUSH II in one volume. Both tell the tale of Michael Barton and an over-zealous secret admirer who will go to desperate ends to win his love.

THE CRUSH: Michael Barton is smart, sweet, gorgeous—the total package. There’s just one problem. One of the girls has been harboring a secret crush on Michael for years. She’ll do anything to be his girlfriend. She’ll beat the competition…to death.

THE CRUSH II: Michael Barton has survived the advances of a psychotic stalker. Now he is free from her web of lust and lies. But Michael has a surprise waiting for him. His secret admirer is still out there. Plotting her next move. And if Michael thinks he can escape her this time, he’s wrong…dead wrong.