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“Two chilling novels of irrational fear—two living nightmares with no hope, no mercy, and no end in sight…”

This novel features both DANCE OF DEATH and THE DEAD GIRL in one volume. Both include tales of young women whose lives have been touched by supernatural elements in the most disturbing ways possible!

DANCE OF DEATH: They were the most gorgeous shoes Donna Burke had ever seen. An exquisite pair of scarlet high heels. And allegedly cursed. According to the old shopkeeper, the shoes endowed their wearers with incredible talent—and horrible misfortune. But that doesn’t stop Donna’s friends from buying them. One size kills all.

THE DEAD GIRL: Julie Forrester is a dead ringer for her cousin Vicki. They could pass for twins—except for the fact that Vicki isn’t alive anymore. Now, when Julie goes to stay with her aunt and uncle in Colorado, everyone keeps mistaking her for her cousin. Late at night, she even dreams about Vicki. Reaching out from the grave. Trying to come back. With each passing day, Julie fears she’s becoming someone else. Someone sick. Someone deranged. Someone dead.