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Jo Gibson Collection

Written under the pseudonym Jo Gibson, Joanne Fluke wrote these suspenseful thrillers with young adult readers in mind. Much like her other novels before Hannah Swensen, there aren’t any recipes, but there’s no shortage of great stories!

Originally published separately, all seven of these masterful teen horror novels will return to print as three consecutively-published volumes in the summer of 2014. The first releas in June is OBSESSED. More of Jo Gibson’s summertime chills will follow from Kensington Publishing’s Kteen imprint with the July 2014 publication of TWISTED and the release of AFRAID in August 2014.

These books have been described by Library Journal as “involving, fast-paced, and appropriately chilling.”


“Two heart-stopping novels of romantic obsession—where the love never dies. It kills…”This novel features both THE CRUSH and THE CRUSH II in one volume. Both tell the tale of Michael Barton and an over-zealous secret admirer who will go to desperate ends to win his love.

AFRAID (Release date: July 29, 2014)

“Two chilling novels of irrational fear—two living nightmares with no hope, no mercy, and no end in sight…”This novel features both DANCE OF DEATH and THE DEAD GIRL in one volume. Both include tales of young women whose lives have been touched by supernatural elements in the most disturbing ways possible!

TWISTED (Release date: June 24, 2014)

“Three novels of year-round terror—where the holidays are more than a little nerve-wracking. They’re totally twisted…”This novel features three Jo Gibson classics—MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE SÉANCE , and SLAY BELLS. All detail what can go wrong when teenage girls get together around holidays… they start dying!